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Spice up your event with performances & interactive fun for all levels.

Salsanation is on a break

We are currently taking a break from public group classes. Watch this space for updates.

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What We Do

Dance classes

Our intro partner dance classes are high intensity and fun to keep everyone entertained and engaged. We create a lot of energy in our public classes, private events or private classes. We get dancers out of their shells and ready for a good time! Our salsa classes and bachata classes in Perth cover all levels.

Interactive entertainment

In Spanish we called this “animation” or “suelta” – everyone follows what the instructors do on their own (think Zumba with a more cultural vibe – very fun). Salsanation dance studio can get the crowd dancing at any Perth event!

Dance performance

We love to perform romantic Dominican Bachata and traditional Salsa Cubana in couples or Rueda de Casino as a group. We do like to have notice to prepare performances so that we can create a custom show to fit your event’s vibe and time requirements

What Makes Us Different

We not only teach steps, figures and moves of Salsa Cubana, Rueda de Casino, and Bachata Dominicana, we share our passion for latin music and rhythm – the authentic sabor (flavour) of the dance. We really care about what we teach: we teach you moves that you can use on the social dance floor. Learn the body movement and isolation to move like a pro. We want students to look and feel as natural as possible, and not be choreography robots. Most importantly, we enjoy what we do and have fun with you whether it’s a group class, special event, performance, or private class.

Salsanation team
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